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PCO units utilize active photocatalytic oxidation technology in which UV light activates a PCO coated honeycomb structure. The PCO Units do not rely on air passing through the unit, but actively disperse air cleaning molecules into the surrounding environment. The PCO air treatment system unit actively outputs a continuous stream of multi-clustered ions which attack and destroy volatile organic compounds and gases such as methane and BTEX. The process known as active photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) and is safe for both humans and animals. The UV light activates the coating to create molecules capable of decomposing nitrous oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), formaldehyde, benzene, allergens, pathogens, odors and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These pollutants are converted into non-toxic compounds like carbon dioxide, water and nitrates. This system complements the USA Nanocoat LumaClean’s photocatalytic coatings by promoting ion circulation in large spaces.



  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Restaurants
  • Public infrastructure
  • Offices
  • Shopping centers
  • Breaks down microbes (bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens, molds, and odors), wherever they exist in the indoor environment.
  • Continues to treat the environment with MCIs on a continual basis.
  • Has been proven unequivocally by independent universities and laboratories on a global basis to be highly effective and safe.
  • Is at work in many clinical, commercial, and residential buildings, as well as on the international space station.


Our mission is to help create healthier, more sanitary environments in both work and living spaces by providing innovative, environmentally safe technology for the community. The quality of the air inside one's home, schools, office spaces, or hospitals is just as important as one's health. It has been known to be the root cause of symptoms such as headaches or migraines, trouble with concentration, and even fatigue. With more and more cities becoming polluted, clean air is a valuable commodity. 

The purpose of our company is to assist people in the proper consumption of materials, lowering our carbon footprint, and impact on the environment. We are helping consumers with chronic health conditions, breathing conditions, allergies, COPD, and other respiratory illnesses while helping maintain cleaner surfaces and conditions for everyone. We are dedicated to promoting products that offer a better quality of life, to help reduce the cost of medical bills by decreasing doctor office visits for common illnesses, and to lessen the cost for employers with loss of revenue due to constant employee sick leave.


We care about the environment.

By eliminating the need for filters, we will minimize the environmental impact due to reducing the amount of land waste. We also are decreasing the use of common household cleaning products (bleach, ammonia, etc.) which help spread the rise of superbugs that are anti-bacterial resistant and high levels of volatile organic compounds harmful to health and harmful to the water supplies and environment.

Our goal is to uphold and encourage healthy, clean living, safe environments as well as educating consumers in helping reduce the spread of airborne illnesses, superbugs, anti-resistant bacteria, pathogens, mold and other harmful factors that are hurting children, the elderly and people with low immune systems. 

The product that we distribute is the PCO (Photocatalytic Oxidation) unit which is an indoor air and surface treatment system. It employs a safe and proven technology that is cost-effectively and eco-friendly. It starts with the same technology that was developed by NASA to provide healthy, clean air environments to the crew of the International Space Station (ISS). Now it has been significantly enhanced in a safe and easy to use product line for the home, office, hospitals, daycares, and assisted living facilities.


The performance of our product is clinically documented and backed by a 100% guarantee of satisfaction with these systems that are currently providing "universal prescriptions" for healthier environments. ANCD is confident in the superior performance of the products that we carry, and we believe that it will allow us to stand out among our competitors.

The makers of PCO technology are innovators from the fields of science, medicine, and management. The performance of our products are clinically documented and backed by a 100% warranty of satisfaction.



Frequently Asked Questions

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    What differentiates the PCO air treatment process?

    This is an active technology. Air need not pass through the unit—or within inches of the device, as is the case with traditional UV devices. With our air purification systems, microbes are destroyed throughout the target environment, wherever they are, whether in the air, on surfaces, or in crevices. Since the PCO products are safe for both humans and animals, it provides continuous protection from pathogens on a 7X24 basis.

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    What scientific evidence verifies its performance?

    The core technology for our air purification systems has been proven through more than 10,000 hours of independent laboratory and university testing and validation. This technology is in use in residential, clinical, and commercial buildings in many countries, and has been used by NASA on the International Space Station to protect the astronauts.

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    What is the air treatment capacity of this system?

    The Ux 105 effectively cleanses an indoor environment up to 5,000 square feet depending upon the pathogen 'load' that is present.

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    What are the annual operational costs?

    The Ux 105 unit plugs into a standard 110v outlet and uses the same amount of energy as a 25W light bulb. The maintenance costs (the bulb should be replaced every 3 years) plus electrical costs over a three-year period are approximately $150. In comparison, the typical HEPA filter replacement costs and electrical costs over the same period is substantially more, and the filter will not kill the pathogens, and its disposal presents environmental concerns.

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    How does it comply with Joint Commission, EPA and OSHA criteria?

    Because they destroy individual microbials and the reservoirs in which they multiply, our air purification instruments break not one but two of the critical links in the “chain of infection” cited in Joint Commission infection-control guidelines. Indoor air quality is a priority of both the Occupational Safety, Health Administration (OSHA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Among the contaminants of concern, both cite are viruses, bacterium, mold spores, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—those specifically targeted by our air purification technology.

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    How long does it take for the PCO Air Purifier to clean the target environment once it is operational?

    Laboratory and onsite testing confirms a cleansing period from just 20 minutes to 12 hours depending upon the carrying capacity(bio load). Factors affecting the total time may include temperature and the degree of humidity in the air.

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    Where should the PCO Air Purifier be placed or mounted?

    Because air need not pass through the unit to be treated, the PCO Air Purifier operates effectively whether freestanding, wall-mounted, or within an HVAC duct, and can be placed anywhere within the indoor environment.

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    What are the short-term benefits of the PCO Air Purifier?

    Within 20 minutes, the instrument begins cleansing the air of viruses, bacterium, mold spores, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other contaminants.

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    What are the long-term benefits of the PCO Air Purifier?

    PCO technology breaks the first two “links” in the “chain of infection” identified by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Specifically, the photocatalytic oxidation process destroys both the pathogen and the pathogenic reservoir—the place where the microbial lives and grows.

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    How reliable are PCO instruments?

    In terms of performance, the technology has been proven more than 99% effective in killing microbial populations (see detailed test results).  In terms of longevity, the entire unit is warranted for two full years.

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  • Particulates

    Over 99% of particulate matter is invisible to the naked eye and easily infiltrates the lungs. On average, every cubic foot of untreated indoor air contains 20 million particles.

  • Microbes

    Includes three major types of organisms: bacteria, protozoa, and fungi/mold. Most of these contaminants rely on humid and moist environment for growth & survival. Some molds produce certain chemicals, such as mycotoxins and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

  • Gases & Odors

    Indoor gases, such as benzene, formaldehyde, and hydrogen sulfide, are released into the air from furniture, carpets, hair sprays, cleaning chemicals, insulation, and pesticides. Odors are often composed of VOCs and other gases.



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