Smart Paint

Heat Shield Smart Paint is a high performance protective thermal insulation coating that greatly reduces thermal transfer on any hard surface. Smart Paint’s adhesion and water barrier properties are far superior to those of conventional paints. Smart Paint has been formulated to reflect both visible light and infrared radiation. Heat Shield Smart Paint is a thermal insulation coating that deflects thermal energy through a dual process of reflectivity and by radiating the infrared rays back into the atmosphere. This lager action is achieved through the extremely dense strengthening extenders and advanced pigments designed to radiate the invisible infrared light spectrum. Not only does Smart Paint provide cost savings in terms of energy bills, it also provides UV fade resistance and has built-in mold, mildew and algae barriers.


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  • Walls

  • Ceilings

  • Attics

  • Ductwork

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Interior/Exterior Thermal Barrier


  • Interior/ Exterior application

  • Non-Toxic/Water-Based

  • 30% temp. reduction - 6 mil DFT

  • Customizable Colors

  • Immediate energy savings with short payback period

  • Mold resistant, without use of harsh chemicals

  • Moisture resistant

  • Outstanding durability and weathering

  • Easily applied by brush, roller or HVLP paint sprayer.

  • Ideal for solid block walls that are not easily insulated by fibrous insulation

  • Provides protection from harmful UV rays

  • Low odor

  • Non-toxic, low VOC

  • Outstanding durability and weathering

  • Reduces utility bills


Saves Energy







Performance Testing


When it comes to optimizing energy usage, our Heat Shield treatment can prove highly useful. Heat Shield is approved for use on both property and vehicles, providing numerous benefits to each. Our Heat Shield thermal coating offers the following advantages:

  • Commercial/Residential – Heat Shield can greatly reduce utility billsfor commercial and residential properties. This treatment is also ideal for those with environmental concerns relating to wasted energy. As a result, monthly expenditure will be decreased and owners can make a real impact in terms of environmental preservation.
  • Transportation Industry – When used in conjunction with work vehicles, Heat Shield can greatly enhance overall performance. Applying Heat Shield to a vehicle can reduce the need for AC usage, which can result in lower fuel costs. This is especially important for those in the transportation industry, who may find themselves logging long hours on the road.