Perma-Clean Solar 2.0


Our Perma-Clean Solar is a transparent, single-step coating designed to increase the efficiency of solar panels. Perma-Clean Solar alters the electrical resistance of a surface to give it anti-static properties preventing dust and debris build-up. In addition, the coating exhibits a hydrophilic, self-cleaning property that allows surface contaminants to be easily removed with only water. These properties not only allow for an increase in photovoltaic efficiency but also reduce the amount of maintenance required. Self-cleaning solar panels will save money by reducing cleaning cycles, saving water, and increasing solar panel efficiency. Perma-Clean Solar is completely transparent and does not change the appearance of solar panels.

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Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source in the world, and clearly the U.S. is taking note. Over the past decade, solar energy production has skyrocketed due to enhanced panel efficiency and more budget-friendly installation options available to the average consumer. New solar panels are finding their way to area schools, office buildings, restaurants, churches, parking lots, and neighborhood rooftops throughout the U.S.

However, while the many benefits to solar energy production are a given, there is one major flaw to the solar collection process. Dust, grime, dirt, debris and more collects over time on the solar panels, reducing overall energy collection, requiring ongoing maintenance, and significantly reducing efficiency after just a few months in the elements. Perma-Clean Solar nanocoating solution is a transparent, single-step coating specifically designed to increase the efficiency of solar panels by preventing dust and debris build up while minimizing long-term maintenance. This coating is self-cleaning, meaning surface contaminants can easily be removed with water rather than costly and potentially hazardous chemical cleaning solutions.

Perma-Clean is easy to apply, fully transparent, weather-resistant, non-toxic, and highly durable. Use our Glass Cleaner to create a clean surface and promote adhesion before applying the Perma-Clean Solar nanocoating solution to your solar panels. With Perm-Clean, you can be confident that your solar panel investment will provide you with maximum energy and cost savings for years to come, all while contributing to a cleaner environment.




  • Solar panels


  • Superhydrophilic

  • Antistatic

  • Self-cleaning

  • Transparent

  • Weather-resistant

  • Strong adhesion to substrate

  • Thickness: 100 nanometers

  • Single-step application

  • Application supplies included (squeegee, applicator cloth)

  • Cleans easily with water

  • Lowers maintenance costs

  • Prevents dust/debris buildup

  • Increases solar panel efficiency

Does Not alter appearance

Does Not Alter Appearance

ECO Friendly



Saves Water

STAYS CLEAN Stain blocker

Stays Clean


Saves Energy





Application & Storage

  • Surface Preparation: Clean and dry surface. DO NOT apply in direct sunlight.
  • Application: Apply with a squeegee. For more detailed instructions, reference Perma-Clean Solar Application Instructions.
  • Dry/cure time: Dries in 2 minutes (@70ºF/21ºC), Cures in 14 days
  • 32 oz = Coverage: 875 FT² [81 M²]
  • Storage: 1 year in a cool, dark environment

*Note: Anti-Snow/Ice formula is available to keep photovoltaic panels free from ice and snow accumulation in winter


Surface Prep

Glass Cleaner (Optional) is a water-based cleaner for glass that utilizes aluminum oxide to create a clean surface to promote adhesion. The hydrophilic property that is present after cleaning indicates the glass is free of oils and other contaminants, ready for a nanocoating to be applied to the surface. This glass cleaner not only degreases but also slightly abrades the surface, allowing for any light surface stains or watermarks to be removed. Recommended using for surface preparation before application of our Glass & Ceramics, Microporous, or the Perma-Clean Line of products. It can also be used alone as a glass cleaner.